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Youth Hostel Association Portfolio: e-campaign, micro-site Audience: Teachers

The Youth Hostel Association is known worldwide for providing welcoming, affordable shelter for backpackers and young people, but many centres in the UK also cater for school trips.

The objective of the Escape the Classroom campaign, managed by Curve Interactive, was to challenge teachers' perceptions of the YHA, introducing them to the fun, curriculum-based activities on offer and the ways the association can help with planning, funding and running trips.

My brief was to improve the content on the campaign's microsite and write a series of emails to teachers, introducing them to the curriculum-linked activities available and developing the theme of 'things to do before you're 12'


			E-campaign for teachers
			12 things to do before you are 12
Make chocolate cake in a cup!<video caption>

Dear (name)

Did you know that within two hours’ drive of your school, there’s a YHA hostel with hundreds of exciting outdoor curriculum activities to discover? In fact, with over 150 venues across the UK, ranging from log cabins to spooky Hogwart-style castles, it’s never been easier to escape the classroom.

And it’s not just back packing…
Making chocolate cake in a cup is just one of  ‘12 things to do before you are 12’, and introduces children to the joy of cooking their own food at home. We’re also dressing like Romans, storming castles and becoming Victorian newspaper reporters!

Simply visit our site for more information on how our curriculum-based activities can inspire children and expand their horizons.

Why YHA?
If you thought YHA was just a bed for the night, think again!
• Over 80 years’ experience of running school trips
• Tailor-made and off-the-shelf residentials for any budget
• No child need be left behind – bursaries available
			Landing page gateways into campaign site
			For Primary School Teachers
12 things to do before you are 12
Sleep in a castle, discover the stars and become a Roman! You can't beat learning in the great outdoors

For Secondary School Teachers
16 things to do before you are 16
Navigate a forest and pan for gems. Curriculum-based learning and teambuilding activities, inspired by mother nature

For College Teachers
20 things to do before you are 20
Summit a mountain, build a shelter and discover how to work in a team - essential life-skills for young people

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What the client said

“Jan is a copywriter who can produce great copy and thought processes, and who takes extra pride in turning around quality work that is sure to stand out and make a difference.

I trust her to ask all the right questions of the client to get a thorough understanding of the projects.

Jan has done fantastic online and offline work for YHA and RAC. Both clients have commented that the tone of voice was 'spot on' for their respective audiences.”

Graham Stevens, Managing Director, Curve Interactive Ltd. An integrated marketing agency