My Copy Works - Words that work on the web

My Copy Works - Words that work on the web - Jan Fletcher, freelance copywriter

Hiring someone to write your marketing and communications can save you hours of time and frustration.
So if writing isn't your strength, or you simply need to get on with other work...

I can help.

Are you getting your message across?

Powerful, persuasive copy is an effective sales tool. But it can be difficult to write if you're too close to your subject, or you can't give it the time it deserves.

Perhaps you've fallen into the trap of drowning readers with too much complex information? Or you've left them stranded with too little? Or you've unwittingly lost their attention simply by striking the wrong tone?

How I can help

I draw on a sales and marketing background to write in a way that highlights benefits, builds trust, and helps readers to find and digest the information they want.

Iíll provide whatever you need, from researched content to a final proofread, working with you, your agency, designer or web developer to save you hours of time and worry.

So whether you'd like to generate more sales, raise funds for a cause, or communicate a sensitive or complex issue, I can help.

Need regular writing or a
one-off project?

What do you need words for?

For help, just ask!

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