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My Copy Works - Words that work on the web - Jan Fletcher, freelance copywriter

A well-written website can deliver results for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's your salesperson, brochure, check-out and customer-service desk, all rolled into one.

Isn't it worth getting it right?

Specialist web copywriting gets results

Many organisations spend lots of time and money on beautiful web design, but fail to give the same care and attention to web content.†But well-written web copy is essential if you want to convert visitors to customers or leads.

Typically, an online readerís attention span is short, and their expectations are high. If you fail to engage them, or they canít find what they want, theyíll click away and search elsewhere.

How I can help

Iíll ensure your web content meets your objectives with informative, engaging and persuasive writing.

Iíll also consider your customerís journey, flagging up their next move and employing writing techniques to keep them hooked from the moment they arrive...

I can also help you get found online, with well-written SEO copy.

So if you want a website that really gets results, just call. I can provide regular communications, such as e-campaigns, or one-off projects like a new or edited site.

Find and keep new online

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