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Hiring someone to write your marketing and communications can save you hours of time and frustration.
So if writing isn't your strength, or you simply need to get on with other work, I can help.

Case Studies


Essentiamail Portfolio: CRM E-campaigns Audience: B2B and B2C customers and prospects

Essentiamail is a Bristol-based email marketing specialist helping hundreds of small businesses across the South West to keep regular contact with customers (and prospects) by planning, writing and broadcasting e-campaigns.

The secret of their success is their approach. They don’t advocate pushy salesmanship – just straightforward, friendly and helpful information that engages the reader.

I helped several small to medium-sized businesses to reach out to their customers, researching benefits and the latest industry information before writing the campaigns.


			Client: Haines Watt Chartered Accountants
			Sales email to B2B prospects
Need help to grow your business?

Dear <name>

If you’re dreaming of growing your business but you’ve no concrete plans, then seeking strategic and financial advice will give you the direction and confidence you need to get started.

At Haines Watt, we offer tailored advice on the best options – whether that’s buying another business, trading internationally, diversifying into new markets or simply putting a plan in place that helps your business meet its full potential. And we’ll illustrate what those options mean for you in financial and practical terms.

For instance, expanding your business could mean new premises and equipment is required. So we’ll help you plan for this, and find the best funding.

Or if buying another business is on the cards, we’ll help you assess its value and secure the best finance, drawing on our extensive experience of managing similar deals.

The first step is always a no-obligation chat. Simply tell me about your business, and where you’d like to be in five years, and I’ll explain the ways we can help.

You can call me on 0117 974 2569 or simply reply to this email and I’ll get back to you.

Kind regards

P.S. For more in-depth advice on growing your business, click here.
			Client: I.J. McGill Transport
			Sales email to B2B prospects
Onward freight leaving nothing to chance

Dear <name>

When you entrust a freight carrier with your clients’ goods, you want reassurance that they have your best interests at heart.

That’s why at I.J. McGill Transport Ltd, we’ve a belt and braces approach to goods delivery, leaving nothing to chance.

With over 30 years’ experience in freight distribution and transport logistics, our family business has sustained relationships by investing in the things that matter. All of our clients enjoy computerised POD and tracking systems, and we’ve a vast fleet of well-maintained transport vehicles.

We handpick drivers who show the same commitment and standards that we do – receiving over and above the 35 hours of training required for the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.

These are just a few examples of the logistics, infrastructure and safety standards we put in place to ensure your good reputation stays intact.

So if you want a freight-forwarding partnership you can rely on, please call. You can reach me on 0117 986 1777, or reply to this email and I’ll call you back.

Kind regards


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