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World Challenge Portfolio: travel writing, yearbook (corporate communications) Audience: customers, staff and stakeholders

World Challenge provides educational expeditions in the developing world that teach life skills and expand minds outside the classroom. They asked me to write information on their expedition destinations to help teams make that crucial first decision - where in the world to go!

My brief was to capture the team's imagination and offer a flavour of the destination's landscape and culture, along with possible project work, treks and fun things to do. I worked closely with expedition managers, researching information and crafting it into inspiring copy with a coherent style (and maximum word length). This takes graft when you're covering over 100 destinations.

I also edited the World Challenge yearbook, a collection of articles celebrating achievements, promoting new destinations and encouraging a sense of community among customers, staff and stakeholders.

Expedition Introduction 1st Fab thing to do 2nd Fab thing to do Trekking R & R
Ecuador & Galápagos Ecuador is one of the most diverse and fascinating countries in the world, and the perfect expedition destination for teams that are up for a challenge. Explore the steamy Amazon rain forest, soak up the indigenous Andean culture and summit high-altitude volcanoes! But for many, the real draw of this expedition is discovering the bio diverse Galápagos Islands, home to wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. Haggle over Ecuadorian crafts and souvenirs at the colourful Otavalo market, or stand amazed at the various livestock for sale at the sprawling Sasquilli market. Look out for endangered Andean Condors while trekking. These vultures have the largest wingspan of any land bird (so they're hard to miss!). Ecuador is home to some of the highest volcanoes in the world, and you've the option to summit one after a five-day trek in the cloud forest or Andean mountains. Super-fit teams could tackle the 'Around Cotopaxi' trek, climbing to over 4000m to the glaciers of the snow-capped Cotopaxi, before tackling Ruminahui, a volcano named after an Inca general. Soak up the sights and sounds of the amazing Galápagos - an archipelago of volcanic islands that's home to unique and fascinating wildlife. Consider embarking on a short land-based cruise where, if you're lucky, you'll spot the blue-footed booby, marine, land iguanas and the islands' own tropical penguins!
Peru - North Get off the tourist trail in Northern Peru, a destination that has it all - vast Amazonian lowlands, stunning Andean Mountains and a narrow strip of coastal plain with some fascinating ancient sites. Trek in the Cordillera Blanca or Northern Highlands, explore the jungle by dugout canoe, and discover a truly fascinating cultural heritage by living and working with local people on your project. Travel down the Amazon on a cargo boat, sleeping on deck in hammocks. Discover the many pre-Inca ruins in Northern Peru. Teams that are up for a challenge will want to head to the Cordillera Blanca. Four to eight-day treks will reward you with some fantastic Andean views, including snow-capped mountains towering over crystal blue lakes. You'll reach passes of up to 5000m, so you'll need to commit to getting fit! If you fancy something a little less challenging, then the Peruvian city of Chachapoyas is a good base for relatively un-explored treks through local villages and pre-Inca sites. Don't miss the opportunity to relax on the beaches of Northern Peru, with their turquoise warm waters and white sand, or simply mooch around the colourful markets or the ancient ruins at Kuelap in Peru. More adventurous teams might want to tackle the Amazonian rapids on an adrenalin-fuelled white water rafting trip.


			Yearbook excerpts
			In search of the perfect expedition
Not content with leafing through well-worn copies of Lonely Planet, our intrepid expedition planners know that the only way to pull together a truly awesome expedition is to get out there and discover the best treks, projects and activities for themselves.

This year they visited 30 countries in search of sights, sounds and experiences that most of us can only dream off, travelling by plane, ferry, dugout canoe, elephant, camel, train, bicycle and bus. Here are some of their highlights. (continues)

Staff raise over £500 for charity
While teams are helping local communities with project work abroad, staff at home are also eager to give back. So much so, that we've set up a dedicated Charity Committee to identify and manage fundraising opportunities for staff who each receive one day off a year for charitable work.

And because we know that not all young people are lucky enough to go on expedition, our chosen charitable partners are those who help less fortunate children at home and abroad, including Save the Children, Thomas Ball, City Year (US) and War Child Australia.

From working directly for our charities on service days, to organising Grand National sweepstakes, take-away meals, sponsored walks and cake sales, our staff raised a fantastic £522 last year. We hope to double this next year, with all profits from our new office tuck shop going to help others.

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What the client said

“We've worked with Jan on a number of important projects for World Challenge including our yearbook, destination briefs and online content. She knows our business inside out and her writing reflects her insight, as well as our company values. Jan is a pleasure to work with!”

Josephine Fox, Marketing Manager, World Challenge Expeditions